donderdag, januari 14

The "Soup"

What you need:

Just start with a soup pan, throw in oil, heat it up, put in the ginger(powder)/garlic(''crushed'') and then the chopped up onion. Sweeten in by 'cooking' it softly for a while. Add the leek (chopped up like the onion) and bake the whole shizzle for a short period.
Poor in water + the bouillon (something between 1 and 1,5 liter). Add the spaghetti, as much as you would like, though I wouldn't add too much. Then just throw in the tomatoparts, creamed spinach, and all the other vegetables you could find. Let it boil softly for at least as long as the pasta needs it. I always throw in vegetarian meatballs too, in quarters or halfs.

I'm not a kitchen princess, and this soup looks horrible. But I think it tastes nice. Just add other herbs and or salt and pepper.. just do stuff. Throw stuff in and mix it and stir it and boil it. :-) If it's not nice just don't make it again.

Oh and, if you're just as a soup person as I am. Try making spinach soup once (onion, potato, bouillon, spinach, blend it with the blender), broccoli soup (same as spinach soup, but replace spinach with broccoli), pumpkinsoup (same as broccoli but then replace the broccoli with pumpkin and omg add ginger) (wait, add ginger to every soup)

Mmmmm.. didn't know where all that came from. I just like soup. And ginger.

Oh, and, I got this from my sister, with some kinds of soup, it's reeeeeally good if you put letuce in in the end.

bang bang! We're beautiful and dirty rich!
xoxx Fleur

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