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I couldn't help myself

This weekend I went to have a sistersday with, yes how did you know, all my sisters.
We went all went to Rotterdam, to the oldest Charlotte (who just put online her new website, so click!), which is all okay and stuff. But from where I live (the northern part of the Netherlands) it's 4 hours by train..

Well, I shouldn't complain, I actually like sitting in trains. Especially when you don't have to transfer and can just sit (I had to transfer twice though, but anyway). I love to look at people in trains, read (my sister lend me The Shadow of The Wind, which is so super cool and so beautifully written), listen to music (I made a playlist this time called 'train'.. well 'trein' but that's the same), and sometimes I write songs in trains.

Like this time :D We were just pass Utrecht I guess, when I saw two old chairs in a little forest (well it's wasn't a forest, but there were trees) (no, wait, seriously, foRest? I always always thought it was with 2 r's.. mmmmkay anyway) and they were quite next to and facing the train tracks. So I picked up my pen and my holy holy moleskin and started writing.

At first I thought: "well yeah, this'll be just one of those songs I write but then end up figuratively throwing away because they actually totally suck and I can't get a melody with it" (mostly I write the lyrics and the melody at the same time, and when I just write away it sometimes just doesn't work) but this morning I read it over and I suddenly got a melody and piano to go with it :D so now I'm happy! Because I think it's really cool! (I always ... almost always, have this with new songs, most of the time my favourite song is my newest song hehe).

It's not completely finished yet so I won't post it now. But when I've finished it I will! And I might even record it right away, if my nose/cold lets me do that without sounding like a total dead person. I even wrote a second song, but I think that's one of those song I will never like and never find a melody for. That's a shame though, because I really liked the concept of the song (why Shakespeare must've chosen the names Romeo and Juliet). Anywaaaaaaaaay I'ma stop now.

Tschüs apfelstrudels x

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