dinsdag, maart 30

Photo(booth)time! (this time for real)

This time for real? Read the previous blog.

1 Spöka! I also have a blue one. And omg, look at this it's the new one!
2 It's a skirt. I like floral prints.
3/4 I was trying to figure out what it would be like if I were a twin.. 3 reminded me a bit of Big Fish, the siamese twins? And 4 was what it would be like if we would be like "WHAT did you say?!"
5 My valentines day expression.
6 With Rosa we made this a while ago..
7 Barbarella..
8 Charlie the Unicorn. Or did I post this one?
9 I think.. this had something to do with.. I don't know.. I was meant to be a warrior of some kind. Probably a "I have to clean my room-ninja"

Narcissism hey! .. well.. I see it as boredom and how to make a fool of yourself, easy and effectively.


1 opmerking:

  1. I was kinda repulsed by the ninja-look XD

    If making a fool of yourself is a talent, then we're both gifted;)
    Not that you're not already gifted...