maandag, april 19


Image time!


And if it doesn't work, like last time with the worldpress pictures, here's the link
I looove daily squee!

(I'm just going to post the links, so just click them bitches for cute)


oh shit, yesterday, I had a fucking wasp in my room. (I'm sorry for the capitalletters and the swearing. Cute baby animals make me extremely hyper and excited not in a wrong way and maybe me go blablathis blaaaabla that. You should ask my friends. I really, really, also make high squeaky sounds which, I assume, are HIGHLY annoying). But and then, I tried to open the window but then the wasp began BZZZZZZZI'ma sting you motherfuckerBZZ! And then I hurried the hell out of my room. And then I got a broom and I SQUASHED it! MAAAAHAHAHAHAH!
No, actually, I pushed open the window with the broomstickstick and the ugly totally scary ew wasp flew out. If it even stings me, I will eat him aliv.. no, no I won't.


Variational piggies, one to match your every outfit

HAAahahahhaha that is so cute :D

Kung-fu.. ferr.. panda!

after omg-cat, now we got omg-monkey
(click here if you don't know omg cat: )

gangster pony

and with that little creature, I will end all this mad woman crazy lady thing. I will lock myself in the bathroom with nothing more than a stick, hitting myself every time I think of something cute and have the urge to bother other people with that very same urge.
... Or I'll go watch Grey's Anatomy in 45 minutes.

Yeah.. hard decision.. need.... time..... to...... think......

Love thy neighbour, peace out
X Fleur

ps. edit, ps. mahaaa just published this blog, and then found out the links aren't clickable mahhahaaaaa effort bitches! YEAH!! (again..... sorry......) omg I totally hear a music corpse now. Is this heaven? Am I dead?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Jeezzzz was je hyper ofzo??? hahahah, heerlijk om te lezen. (ik lees het nu pas!(CRIME) we belluh jo!


  2. Hahah JA! :P We belluh we belluh! Neeeeeeen! Ik ga zo weg naar de kindertjes en daarna 14 uur op de tren! (Niet 14 uren maar OM 14 uur :p) en dan hasta la pasta dit is de villa naar Frankryk!