dinsdag, mei 18


I am busssyyy. Or at least, kind of.

- The 9th and 10th of June I've got auditions for the music academy in Enschede. And blah, I really can't stand that.

- I have to write about 3 songs at least before september for the dance project I'm doing, which is really really kicking me in the face 'cause I can't write anything.. I can't get even one damn song started. I have one, yeah, but I need more. Shit. The one time I get asked to write songs specially for the project, and I just can't manage to do it. Feels fucked.

- I need to pick out a new name, which is really tough. (suggestions?)

- For the auditions I need to practise my theory, record 3 songs and prepare 2 songs to play live

- I can't stop thinking about next year, if I'll make it to the school, if I'll get a nice room, if I'll make friends or just be an outcast, if I, if I get through the auditions, will like Enschede.. I know it has absolutely no use whatsoever, but I can't stop (can't stop! can't stop the beat..)

- Sjors is kind of dying I guess. She can't eat very well 'cause she can't rely on her legs anymore, they won't carry her.

Really, I don't even have that much to do, I'm not even that busy. But it's just that all those things that are going to happen, they're so important and B I G. And so they stress me out and tire me and only make me want to go on holiday and spend my time only on doing fun things with my friends. While I, of course, should kick my own ass and get me and my butt start working.

Good day, sir.

ps. I already/only have come up with 7 new names.. deadline is the 24th of may. Yikes!
Well, if I can't manage to think of/pick a name I really like, I'm just holding on to One Trick Pony.

pps. I have a Twitter account, hehe, yes. You could always just follow me, if you want ;-) (there's something on the right of my blog)

Ohhh and peepeepeeepeee ass. I got selected for Popronde, a travelling festival in Holland, from september till the 11th month, and in all kinds of different cities (I need to get booked though so it's not sure if/where/how much I'll actually play) but I'll keep the dates updated on my blog, also on the right. All those concerts will be f-r-e-e-e-e-e-e.

x Fillippa the Great VI.

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