maandag, mei 3

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Ahh, so, I'm back. I'm tired, really. But I had an amazing time over there in Blanchefosse. Haha there was even a village next to it called Petit Blanchefosse, like Blanchefosse its self was big. Haha. Ah well.

I'll blog more about what we did there a next time. For now I just want to post a song I wrote for the dance'show' that's called St@rdust. Here it is:

I saw a man with thousands of watches
I watched him watch his watches
Then I said: "Hey mister, can I have the time?"
"Sure you can," he said "but you can't, but you can't have mine"

"You greedy people, you think that because,
I've got all the time, that you can have mine

And watches I've got, sixty eight thousand four hundred
in case your greedy brain wondered

But I earned these watches, all by myself
and you can't buy, because I won't sell
I earned these watches, by watching people die
I took all their hours, and I made them mine

Everybody's gonna die, sooner or later
Every farmer, king, queen and waiter
Yes, everybody's gonna die, everybody's gonna die
Sooner or later, so you'd better be on time

I cut their hands off
I took their watches
I took their time, and I made it mine
I cut their hands of
I watched them die
I took their time, and I made theirs mine

Oh, it was more them 20 degrees every day in France, in Holland the weather also was nice.
And then I come back.. and it's like this.. Butje!

Well.. I think I willlll... do something now. Going to Leeuwarden today, to finally get my musical artist finances things. So I can earn money but in a legal way ;-) Taxes and stuff are hard when you're just doing a 'regular' job, but with artist things (art, photography, music etc) it's even harder. You have to have a 'kamer van koophandel' number, and a tax-number.. and send things every quarter of a year. Oh golly gosh.

Oh and shit. I've got my audition dates for the Music Academy in Enschede. Oh my gawdz. Fak.

x Fleur

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  1. Wouw Fleur, wouw! Wat een geweldig 'verhaaltje', zoals Roos Rebergen dat zou zeggen. Succes met je auditie en met kvk, bah, officiƫle dingen, bah, formaliteiten, bah. Not very arty-farty, is it, maar wat moet dat moet (dat is het akeligste gezegde dat Nederland kent!).

  2. Dankje en dankje! ;) Nee, very niet arty-farty, zucht, het moet allemaal maar.. ik moet toch mijn geld verdienen, niet dan? :p