dinsdag, mei 25


It should've been yesterday, but now it's gonna be today, I suppose.
I'm going to pick the new name. I have got a long list, a short list.. and out of that short list I'm gonna pick 1, I guess.

I actually also liked Joan Smith, Matthias :p but it was already taken.

I don't think I'll post the shortlist here. I want to make this decision for myself.
If I know it, at the end of the day, I will surely post the result of course. And then you can bitch about it or (preferably) not.

And maybe I'll be uploading a new vid today, it's been a while I must say.. so.. I should I guess.
It's gonna be The Pirate Song (I'm going to play it for my audition in Enschede I think) or Smoke (there's already a few people threatening to slice my neck if I do not upload it asap).

Well, I'm gonna go back to my rhythms to tap. Sumthin.

Hot Chip on LL, that's awesome I suppose. I'm still waiting for awesome-out-of-the-books-awesome though. When's that coming?!

Have a fantastic fucking day
(I always like saying that)

ps. one of my sisters cycled twohunderd and fucking forty kilometres yesterday. She deserves the awesome price of the day I'd say. (It's with the Elfstedentocht, something Dutch)

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