donderdag, juni 3


Since I made a few songs about religion/God (Adam&Eve, Smoke, Yellow, song in the previous blog) I'm writing this blog to make something clear.

1. I am not mocking God, the bible (okay, well maybe the bible a little) religion or people who believe in God and follow a religion.
2. I don't believe in God myself, but I don't think less of anyone who does.

So, I'm saying I might mock the bible a little, it's just because I see the bible as made up by human being, and so, it's not holy, it's a bunch of stories. I love stories, and I also enjoyed reading the ones in the bible (I never read the real one though.. I should! I want to! I read the children's version.. (hey! it has images!!)).
Since people once made up the stories in the bible, why shouldn't I be able to make up stories like that? In this way, Adam & Eve is kind of mocking the bible. But I wrote it more as a nice story, than as to mock the bible.

And I want to comment about the last song I wrote, this bit:

As punishment I gave you Hitler, and Justin Bieber too But some of you even liked them, so what am I to do?

I am in NO way comparing Hitler and Justin Bieber. What I AM doing, well, that's up to you to discover. I don't care if you do, I don't care if you don't.
In the end, if you want them to be, my songs are also always just songs, and if you want something else, you can have that too, just listen a bit harder, I suppose.

I don't feel as if I had to explain this, I just wanted to explain this :-)

Have a nice day
x Fleur

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh jeej, je moet je verantwoorden! Daar gaat je artistieke vrijheid. Als iedereen (dus ook gelovigen en homo's en blonde vrouwen en politici en automobilisten) nou eens gewoon begreep dat humor geen atoombom is...

  2. "I don't feel as if I had to explain this, I just wanted to explain this :-)" stond er nog :P
    Ik vind het gewoon leuk dingen uit te leggen.

    Verder zou het zeker fijn zijn als ze dat zouden begrijpen.. zoutloze vaatjes.