dinsdag, augustus 10

Heeeeere's Johnny!

Now it's the crazy awesome guy with zhe mantits. No Depp.

I am back from the trip, eventually we've been walking for 3 days instead of a week, due to my achy breaky knees (because the bag I carried every step was 13 kilos maybe), a tick with one sticky leg, and a very dull environment to walk in. Only paddocks and farms.. we have that here too.
It was really nice though! The walking, even with the backpacks. The first 2 days we walked through amazing forests and ate and slept there too.

On the third day, I just can't stop mentioning this to people, we walked across a chicken farm, a biological chicken farm I must mention, with what they call free-range chickens.
Lots of chickens in a big big hall, being fed, not in little cages, no they were free-range.
Free-range my ass.
They were in such large numbers they'd been pecking at each others feathers, almost every chicken missed a patch of feathers on their back. Just horrible to see.
And they had the fucking 'bio' logo, they were acknowledged as a biological chicken farm.
Makes me shake my head and wonder why. (I'm still a vege.. pescotarian, sorry)

I would love to go on such a walk again, but maybe with walkingshoes (I had been looking in shops at them, but never managed to buy a good pair so I ended up with my nikes and birkenstocks), and some more practising on the bag.

diy mobile, I sure would like to make.

x Fleur

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