dinsdag, september 28

I love you you

I love doing groceries on the market. It's so much and nice and fresh, and cheap!
I bought a bag of sweet peppers (red/green/yellow), a leek, a carrot, half a kilo prunes, corn (I LOVE corn) and a courgette. And I think I payed.. less than 2,50.

And I finally bought new shoes. Oh what a pretty pair. I think.

I just finished writing a song. It's supposed to be country, but I know it really really isn't. Anyway, now I'll have something to play tomorrow. It's some of the most sticky sweet songs I ever wrote. No, it is the worst.

I'm gonna watch Spangas today, I so feel like crappy television. (it's a bit like.. Degrassi, same concept, but then worse. I actually like(d) Degrassi..)

Ciao x

ps. This Friday I'll be playing in SOLOS in Den Bosch, om 22:15
en zaterdag in Almere, om 21:00 geloof ik.

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