dinsdag, oktober 12


(I typed in Arr as a title and autocomplete filled in "(Jack) Sparrow" how does he know that?!)

I'm completely in the pirate mood. www.mylifeisaverage.com made me find out you can set your facebook to English (Pirate) and I luv it.

Aaah and I'm feeling flu-ish. Not noooowwww! I'm supporting Wildbirds & Peacedrums tomorrow and won't be home till 1 o(fucking)clock.. and thursdaymorning I have my first class at 9:15 :| eeaaarrrllyyy, waaaaayyy too. And then Popronde Groningen at half past 8..
I will be a wreck at the end of this week. Most Davynitely.

Luckily I'll be with my boyfriend, and since he's becoming a nurse, he can practise taking care of me while I'm in bed giving him orders for orange juice and chocol.. I mean, fruit.

I love Ready Steady Cook :) .. which has nothing to do with the above.

Have a trashy Tuesday.
x Flarrrr

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