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This stuff is addictive, I guess.

  • When and where were you born?
    18th of march 1991, in the hospital in Sneek

  • Where did you grow up?
    In a small town in Friesland, Workum, next to the IJsselmeer, with a beach :)

  • What was it like?
    Sometimes boring, but mostly nice, I was a real pony girl, and we had lots of horses because we didn't have lots of buildings, I guess. And cool friends and we could play on the streets.

  • Who are your parents?
    My parents are Henriëtte and Gerrit, my mom writes childrensbooks (which I loooved to read when I was younger) and my dad is a swimming teacher.

  • What were your parents like?
    Well, they were too old to go shopping with me or to go with me to an amusement park.
    but my mom is much fun when it comes to doing crazy stuff, and good at giving advice and calming me down. She's also really assertive, something I should be more. Also it's so nice she writes, does something artistic. And she's a very strong person.
    My dad likes old motorcycles and cycles and cars, and likes talking about them.. but sometimes that's actually nice, he knows a lot and he's really good in making/fixing stuff and being practical. We played tons of games like rummikub and made lots of cryptograms together.

  • How was your relationship with your parents?
    In the beginning it was good. Then I became a teenager, and now, now I'm on my own, it's a lot better, thankfully.

  • Did you get into trouble? What was the worst thing you did?
    I fought a lot with one of my sisters, and sometimes because of that I made a lot of trouble.. And other stuff.. I can't really remember getting into trouble actually. Maybe just stuff like.. being annoying. (very annoying)

  • Do you have any siblings? What were they like growing up?
    YEEESSS. 3 older sisters. I don't really know how they were like growing up, since the oldest is 11 years older, the one next is 10 years older and the one after her is 6 years older.

  • What did you look like?

  • How would you describe yourself as a child? Were you happy?
    I was a happy, careless little thing. Believing in fairies and making up awesome games with my friends (crayon houses on the street, picknick without socks, making perfume, making witchsoup..)

  • What is your best memory of childhood? Worst?
    I don't really know.. I loved being on the ferry to England, going on holiday there.. And horseriding :) And the worst.. lots of hamsters died.. that was sad.. but the worst.. don't know.

  • Did you have a nickname? How’d you get it?
    Fleur/fleurtje, obvious. And, oh shameful this was, ruftertje (which means something like farty). The story behind is. My sister and I were talking once about that some words are the same if you spin them around (I was young) like the Dutch words pop, kok, lepel.. and then she asked me what my name would be turned around. So I started to think.. and after a while, with the most serious face, I said.. ruftertje. yes. (To make it clear, it's actually Ruelf Enna)

  • Who were your best friends? What were they like?
    My best friends were Ilse, Suzanne, Lianne, Anne, Nynke.. they all lived nearby and we went out to play almost every day after school.

  • How would you describe a perfect day when you were young?
    Going to see my moms parents, and then walking in the woods with their dog. Get an soft ice cream with coloured thingies. Go back and fall asleep in the car. Count christmas trees on the way back (while I'm not asleep yet) and then, being read to and to fall asleep. I think.

  • What did you think your life would be like when you were older?
    I always thought I'd be a dolphin trainer.

  • Do you have any favorite stories from your childhood?

These things are actually not really interesting, not for other people, but I always really like questioning them, just because it's a way to question yourself about stuff and think it over again.
Well, Desperate Housewives is over.. hopefully there's something else nice on the telly.

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