donderdag, december 2

Last Christmas

I actually kind of gave you my heart.

Last winter was one of the most amazing winters I have ever had. I got to know Marco and we had so much fun in the snow, walking and talking, pushing eachother over, having snowballfights, and, of course, drinking hot chocolate afterwards (and making my mom angry because we were soaking wet every time we came in, the floor was a mess every time..).

So, I'm having mixed feelings now, now it's snowing again.. And it's been a week ago since we broke up. Partially, I am looking back at last winter with a happy feeling, but it's also hard of course. Knowing we will never have a winter like last year's again.

I am trying this thing called smiling and making the best of stuff.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
I miss him though, what he's done (breaking up) is for the best, but he is such a sweet person and I love him so much. It's so harsh he's not only not my boyfriend anymore, but that he's not even my best friend anymore.. at least not for now. Of course that would make it even harder to get used to the breaking up. But still. He's awesome.

I am going off to school. I almost cut my hair this morning, I am doubting about having bangs/a fringe again. What do you think?

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