zondag, januari 30

Don't let it's cuteness fool you. It has a poisonous stinger in it's tail.

and it will, most definitely, kill you.

If I were to come back as an animal, I would so be a platipus. I mean, lookatiiiiiit!

Went to see my other sister today, her new house. Aaah I am jealous, it's just so nice! Except for that it was a complete mess ;) (she only moved in yesterday) we played a game called Phase 10 and it was awesome. I love games.

And in the train back, I watched 500 days of Summer, I'd started it ammm.. yesterday, I guess, or maybe on Friday even.. anyway, but the beginning didn't really.. keep me watching or anything. But, since I had nothing to do, I started watching it again, and I liked it. The main characters were cool Zoe Deschanel (She sings in the band She&Him if you didn't know that and like her; check them out! (the Him is M. Ward which also is awesome, also as a solo singer, lovely voice)

Well.. mm.. I think I'm going to go to bed.. I wish I had some more HIMYM left, but I watched them all.. and I won't get a new one until Tuesday (Yes, I have my own HIMYM provider).. Maybe I should just start on the IT crowd already...

And what should I wear tomorrow?!!! OOOOO EEEEEM GEEEE.

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