zaterdag, januari 22

ooh.. and last post was my 200th WHY DO I ALWAYS FIND OUT A POST TOO LATE?!

But hell! I got an 9,1 on AML (musictheory) who cares about 200th posts?!

I've been busy with the Shark song.. adding more lyric to it. And trying to figure out some kind of bridge chords-wise.. and also practising school stuff, singing My Immortal (picked it out of 3 songs to do at singingclass, totally awesome!).. and just watching HIMYM aaaand I saw ahm.. the last 2 Harry Potter movies! omg exciting! :) Still, Ron and Harry fighting because of Ron's "Everybody loves Harry better-issues" is getting kind of annoying. Can't wait till the last one comes out (on a torrent site) though!

What's the weekend bringing y'allllll?
.. still have to pick a song for the "session" for school..

ps. awesome chick on photograph is awesome Fiona Apple. If I were a lesbian I would've been stalking her for ages, abandoning my friends, family and passion if it were trash.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Tweemaal gefeliciteerd en een gelukkig nieuw weekend :)

  2. I love Fiona. Such a talent and such a beauty!


  3. Tweemaal bedankt!

    She is indeed!
    I knew your blog already, but only now did I find out you also sing. Cool! :)