woensdag, januari 5

When I got to the bedroom, there was somebody wating

and it isn't my fault that the barbarian raped me

Okay, so New Years Eve. I said I'd write down the awesome stuff that happened. But ahm.. though it was rocking I wouldn't know exactly what to write since it's all blurbs and blurts and not very interesting for people not in the room at that moment.

I went with Rosa (don't make me hyperlink her name again! Go look at her blog you.... you) to friends of her, so I was in Amsterdam. It was a house party (as in.. in some ones house, not in a club, and not a housemusicparty) but every other houseparty I went to, there was no dancing, and here there was! (Thank goodness)
Too bad ' I want it that way' came on way too soon, I was totally hoping striking that one while doing count down.
Anyway, we went dancing and singing (IIIIIIIl'll tell you what I what what I really really want) and talking and laughing. And then there was the count down and the new year.

We stayed up until 8 and then went sound asleep till we woke up and ate egg sandwiches and coffee. We watched tv for the rest of the day.. oh no, actually we also went for a walk. And well, that's it.

Haha how can it be that a night so awesome seems so awesomely dull on 'paper'. aaait.

I'ma fill ma tummy with a speculoos sandwich.

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  1. Omdat niemand snapt dat het ZO AWESOME was. Maar gelukkig weten wij dat en zullen we het ook niet snel vergeten :) pindakaaskusje