woensdag, januari 12

YEEEEESSSS!!! I thought it sucked like.. things that suck... but I got an 8!!!

So here's a 3/4 naked TAFKAP. Enjoy.

I got an 8 at my practical part, the theory part I don't know what I got, but it was sufficient. Yay!
So no "pretending I'm still attending a music academy while I'm actually 'escorting' elderly men because their women are only into tea and biscuits" for me, no sirree!

I feel like partying SO MUCH right now. But, still, one to go, pop history tomorrow, and then it's party time, I feel like dancing and singing and screaming and laughing.


ps. people actually ask me stuff on formspring! it's a tad scary though, since I don't know whose asking the questions etc.. but still, cool. Ask away I'd say (and so I said it)(umigummi she didant!)

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