vrijdag, februari 4

The sky is only a limit if you have no airplane or something in that direction and be honest who doesn't have one of those

Day 5: 5 countries you still wish to visit
1. Paris, I've never been there and think I should.
2. New York
3. Bejing
4. Stockholm
5. London, I've been there twice before (once as a baby, other time with my high school peepz), but this is a city I would love to live in.

Ohhh I just found a tumblr about challenges! (while googling next days because I am out of days ;)) http://heckyeahtumblrchallenges.tumblr.com/ (very obvious name yes)

I'm a great fan of tumblr, I can spend hours of just scrolling through pages, saving hundreds of images and clodding my mac with that trash. The link of my tumblr is around here somwhere.
May you find that interesting.

Any challenges for me? I like challenges. Sometimes. Mmmm should get going and get ready to go now (yes! english! woooo!)
Weekend and stuff. It Crowd in the train, or maybe Mad Men. Those fakkahs still haven't broadcast any new HIMYM shows. Bitchasssss!

Smile! I am putting a carrot up my nose

edit: Hahahah I'm such a dumbass! It was countries, not cities. I was like hummmm of course. Yes. Well then here the countries.

5 COUNTRIES you still wish to visit:
1. the USA
2. Sweden (been there, but I would love to see more)
3. China (my sister's been there and the way she tells about it makes me want to see it)
4. Russia, but I'm not sure though, I wanted to study Russian for a while, and I was sort of like completely obsessed with the country and it's history.. and I still love it, but all the stories you hear about how gloom it is, and how unfair, but of course.. life IS unfair blabla won't go into this one again. If I'd get a free ticket I'd go.
5. the UK, again, I've been there before, but I just feel so at home.. we used to go for holidays to Wales, I made some of my best childhood memories there :) and London, that was also just amazing.

it's 23:25 now, and I am so tired and feeling sick and coughing. and sniffing.
Boa noite x

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