vrijdag, maart 4

Ou-est le syndicat d'initiative?

Le syndicat d'initiative? Mais.. ma cherie, je ne sais plus.

Because one day, we alllll knew.

Woowww it's already friday, MAN that week went fast.. (just as my morning, which means I have about 15 minutes to still get myself out of my pyjama's and eat, before I have to go to school, but I just feel so much like writing a bloohoogggg)
Yesterday I went in a hokje (as we call it, and there is no better way for it, it's a room, but hokje is just like zakje) (lawyered. Even though, technically, I'm not a lawyer) with a guy from my year, and from my band, he plays the cello, and I had wrote something out on a sheet of Kiss the frog, Marry the boy, it was a bit rough, but I think it's gonna be cool, especially with Christina (girl from year, was in the band before this) fiddling me some sweet violin. ;) Anyway, it's just about trying stuff.. would be cool if in the end they'd be coming with me when I'm doing a show somewhere!

Right, I finished my coffee.. so I'm gonna eat something and end this. Ohh I had the strangest dream again tonight.. really so weird... 5th in row! Stopiiiitt!

Have a nice friday, looks like it's gonna be a nice day I guess? the weatharrrr?

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