donderdag, april 21

Oooh I want!

No.. I'm not looking at interior sites again... don't go givin' me baby evils!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh don't you just love the weather. It's soooo sunny, so hot.. so weird :)

Yesterday we had a really nice band practise, our band coach said we had to make a list of songs that go well, and then we had to play those as if we were doing a show. Really nice to do!
And then vocal techniques.. which was rather difficult, but also nice of course. Songwriting.. in the end, finally REALLY finished Lady by the River, it's soup now. And tasting goooood. Or at least, I think so.

I'm having the Elvis songs on shuffle.. so it's Wiiiiise maaan saaaayyy and then We're caught in a traaappp (IT'S A TRAP!) and then Wiiiiiise maaaan saaaaaaayyyyy and then we're caught in a traaap again.

I have strawberries! Yummi :)

ps. I will definitely record the Lady by the River song anytime soon, maybe not this weekend, but then definitely in the upcoming holidays. Isn't that exciiiiiitig?!!!! ooohhhh so exciting!

pps. nice site.

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  1. Positievertje! :D dat vindt ik ook een schattig woord.
    All sounds well and good sweety :)