woensdag, mei 18

We don't have to do anything

this, of course, is a lie.

I follow a lot of blogs. Mostly of people who make art, post design or diy photo's, or who post pictures of their outfits.
And sometimes (more often that I wish) I catch myself thinking: I wish I was as cool as them, had as awesome parties, and I wish my room, my home, looked as beautiful as theirs. ... but then I think.. isn't that the power of photography?
I think when someone would make a picture as they make them of other homes, of (the nice parts of) my room.. wouldn't it look as enviable as all those pictures I stare at in awe? And then I say yes, trying to put my mind at ease.. knowing somewhere that this also means I will never think of my room as enviable and perfect, staring at it while living in it..
Maybe I should make a perfect home, take pictures of every wall, and have those as canvases in front of all those walls.

Or maybe I should just get a more realistic look on the world around.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. You're cool, you're hip.

    Behang met een 360 graden afbeelding van een supermooie kamer zou wel briljant zijn. Maar ja, 't belangrijkste is toch gewoon dat je je thuis en op je gemak voelt?

  2. Ja dat is het ook wel.. maar ik zou me denk ik nog meer thuis en op mn gemak vinden als ik mn kamer/huis de mooiste huisvesting ooit zou vinden ;p