dinsdag, juni 21

You seem to be okay with the fact you have a heart of ice

photo by www.ulicam.blogspot.com again

Okay, quick post since I actually have to go to school in about 5 minutes and I smell like rotten orangejuice from my mouth. But this is just gonna be one of those "huuhuuhuhuu I found out something funny huuuhuuuhuhuhuh" which then probably is only funny to me but that's ok.

So, I was thinking about a new song, just randomly, and I thought it to be nice if maybe I would do something about someone having a heart of ice and not being able to warm up to anybody, and that the person itself maybe thinking it's cool having a heart of ice (and other stupid puns like that, I just love stuffing my songs with them, or at least think of lots when I'm just singing random stuff trying to think of new stuff)(I always have terrible fun, well not always, when I'm making up new stuff just by singing things that come to mind, cause I usually always end up with stuff like "yeaahh and then I kill you because you ate the kitten" or "and I looove you soooo much that I want to dieeeee if you are not with me anymoooore" or a combination of the two) oh, yes, wandering again. Where was I? Oh yes, "you probably think it's cool you have a heart of ice" and when I sang that out loud (because I sing everything I think then) it sounded like "you probably think it's cool you have a hard device" hihihi huhuhu.

Well then err...... of to school
Plur, (peace love understanding and REZPEKT!)(ya'll)

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