donderdag, juli 14

I maaaade aaaaa woooorddddpreeeesssssss

and I put a link on it to download The Sharks, but then a very different version comparing to the one on youtube. Wordpress will be my more 'music businessy-business' site. Less blabla, less pictures of rats and hair and furniture and Heidi & Spencer.

I went to the navy ship my navy sis was on for the last 9,5 weeks (jesassss 9,5 weeks on a boat?!) was really nice to see her again!! And to get a tour through the ship. Too bad for us, the weather was too bad to go out on the water.. but still, assam as a passam.

Harry Potter will be on in half an hour. The ahm.. 2nd one I think. I've seen it probably like.. 7 times, but I don't mind.
Oooohh and I have my second to last Jean M. Auel book in! Yaaaaayyy it's already very amusing and sucking me in making me want to read most of my day, but then I wouldn't have time to make a wordpress, or post useless things (oomgg I just saw Mike Rowe -dirty jobs- suck out the balls of a little Lamb dear lord ew ew ew) (poor litte lambs, getting their balls and ears and tails cut of like that, fuckin eh)(they say it's the quickest and most painless way to do.. well.. sure) on facebook all day. And I would finish the book in less than a week and I'm hoping to stretch it to 2 weeks.

Jodokus, for some reason, is less happy about me having lots of sparetime.


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