zondag, augustus 7


What I did not buy

- a guinea pig with a hat
- a guinea pig
- a hat
- antlers for on the wall
- a branch for hanging my clothes on
- a coin-operated boy
- a parakeet
- an old woman's walking cane
- golden teeth
- a g-string
- used underwear
- a pinball machine

Okay. So I wanted to post about what I bought today. But then I thought it'd be much nicer to post pictures with that. And I am so not gonna take any pictures right now. I am going to sleeeeeeep now. Or well, in an hour, but at least I'm not taking pictures anymore.
So instead I thought I'd might as wel post what I didn't buy. And yes, the title is a very mysterious pun regarding my newly found treasures.

I also added a new paaaaage to my wooooooordpreeesssssssss, with lyrics.
Clicking this sentence will bring you there immediately.
But you could also just go the the main page onetrickponymusic.wordpress and then click 'lyrics'.

Mmm I think I'm going to bed and read some Robinson Crusoe.

Evil Knievel

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Argh, troll. Tweede link werkt ook niet helemaal goed, dus eigenlijk ben je een dubbele troll :P Wel leuk dat je die teksten hebt geplaatst :)

  2. Mwwuhhahahahaaaa ;-) Oh ja die werkt ook niet echt idd, wat stom :-/ dat was natuurlijk niet de bedeutung.