woensdag, augustus 31

Go back turn 'round

Well, I'm siting here with all my bags packed, ready to go back to Enschede. Tomorrow there's an official opening of the school, fetching our schedules for this year. Can't say I'm looking forward to being there, but I am looking forward to the classes, and it's better anyway, having the prospect of moving to a room with people.

I went to get the stitches out yesterday, and forgot to take a picture with the stitches, right now it doesn't look anything like letal at ALL anymore. The results will be there next week. So mental note to self: CALL don't forget to CALL.

Awwwwww I'm going to miss Jodokus (our cat in my dads house) soooo much. She's such a sweety and she's been lying next to me on the couch whenever I was there the whole holiday.. Aw she is such a sweety :( I wish I could take her with me.

Well, next time I'll write here I won't be in Friesland anymore. Enschede here I come!

Here's to another year of writing music and learning things. *raises mug with coffee* Woop.


ps. the image is a LAMP I looove it.

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