zaterdag, augustus 20

I am bored where's the needle

dear lord I'm so bored I'm doing this blog on my piercings. Which I don't actually have.
I used to have my nose pierced. Stupid thing is, since my old pc died, I lost all those older pictures, and I don't have one single photo of me with my nose pierced, which is kind of a bummer. Maybe I should bring my pc to the pc-make-people-shop. But well, 50 euros, or more. I don't know. Kind of sucks.

Sooo here goes to the piercings I don't have!

Okay, so, I used to have 3 up there, and now I have 3, but they're all going through one hole. Which doesn't hurt, and didn't hurt. I was so bored with the 1 ring going through.. it was a terrible work to put them in and close them though :| I always thought it was a horrible job putting 1 in and closing it, and now, when I had one, I had 2 to go still. But 2 of them were kind of easy, they have a ball with a hole and you have to put the other end in it? So it's better than the one where you have a joint and you have to put that little piece in the hole. Yes? Still getting it? God, though, this one hurt even after.. 3 years after I got it, couldn't sleep on that side for a long while :/ probably the reason why I let the other 2 grow closed again (grow closed? ... oh well).

okay, and these refer to the title, for I my hands start itching when I'm bored. I need to either cut my hair, dye it, cut away at clothes, or pierce myself. I had done this one before, also myself, but it got all gross and the yellow crappy fluid started coming out (hope you weren't eating anything at this moment) (if so my most sincere apologies) and it didn't get any better, and so I took it out. But then, last year, you know, Mco and I broke up and after a while I still felt kind of a little bit shitty and then I got bored and my hands started itching (deadly combination, something will get irreversibly broken/cut or, well, pierced). So I tried it again. First time it failed, after I got the needle all through and out again, I couldn't get anything through the hole again. So, a few days later I tried again. And I succeeded (with lots of blood and agony because dear lawd it hurts to put a needle through your ear)(even though there is only flesh there).
Then it took me a fucking long terrible agonizing while to put the silver thingy through and aahhrrr but then I got it and even though I couldn't touch my ear, or sleep on that side for a while. Now it's all okay (there is a little yellowish fluid somewhere in the story a while back but it is okay now) (which is kind of a miracle since I never used anything to clean the needle or the silver thingy except for saliva).

But I LOoooooove it. I love the place and I'm SO happy it finally is there again! And it's not swearing so I can keep it :D happy happy happy. Now I want to find some other things to put through. The one in it now is my old nose stud. Which fitted perfectly, and bend in a hook it also almost never falls out.

I'm also really happy I never gave in to my snake bite obsession.



maybe I should dye my hair.

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