dinsdag, augustus 16


Ahh doesn't this remind you of Pan's Labyrinth? Aahhhhhh the creepiest monster EVER. Really, brrrrrr. Google 'Pan's Labyrinth Monster' if you don't know it. But really. you SHOULD know it. Yeeeessss being friendly as ever. Not bossy at ullll.

I'm watching the Prince and Me, I like Julia Stiles. I liked her even more when she was in Dexter. The Prince and Me kind of sucks, but that's okay. And I read a little while watching.
Sooo tired, and I have no idea why, really terrible. So maybe I'll try sleeping now. With a little reading to fatigue the eyes some more.

I love it when sometimes -when people say 'eyes' or sing it in a song- it totally sounds like 'ass'.
And with that I bid you farewell my loves,

All truly sincerely yours,

ps. probably weird through lack of sleep, excuzi.
pps. .... wait I forgot oh no wait! I think I'll have some new lyrics up here somewhere this week. yahaahaaaywooo yeahhwhooohohohohohohohoh

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