vrijdag, september 9

The night was heavy and the air was alive


Ohh I feel terrible. But in a good way (finally :))! In the 'I had 2 parties this week' way. First party was organized by people from school, from my year and older years. It was to welcome all the 1st years students. It was at one of the organizers homes and the house next to it (they had a shared garden so that was easy)(the garden was also a party area), I always like parties at peoples homes the best.
I'm terrible at meeting new people because I don't know what to say and how to start talking most of the times.. but well I had pictures to take and the wine also helped. (hey mom, dad, I'm studying hard, yes!) I really think there are some nice people in the 1st year!
And of course it was also really nice juz chillin wiv ma homiez again.

Yesterday I went to Atak (popmusic stage) with Tineke and a few of her friends. We have a festival in Enschede now, called Gogbot, kind of weird, but also really cool. And because of that festival there was some awesome music in Atak, mostly electronic stuff. We went there because Palmbomen would come. I'll find you some video..

Ahhhh fuck it was so nice (pardon my french of course) just mindless dancing and terribly good music. Really enjoyed it.

Thooougghhh... Palmbomen didn't start til 02:45 until that time we had 45 minutes of listening to this:

It was a little hypnotizing. It was more noise. And he had some kind of weird.. black toilet roll on his head.

In between there was a house dj (not the music style, but he normally turned the tables there)(ummmmmmkey) was nice. But the people there didn't really dance until Palmbomen.. buuuring.

Well.. that's all. Tomorrow I'm going to visit my grannie (her birthday is sunday, yes 9/11) and my sisters are also coming! But that's kind of a surprise to her :) I don't think she reads my blog so we're safe. But DON'T TELL HER!


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