donderdag, september 22

Material girl

Haha, I've started packing.. on monday I guess, only a little. Most of my books, some clothes. Then Tuesday and Wednesday some more, this morning also. And it still looks like I didn't pack anything!
Which is probably a good measure to how much useless junk and clothes I have in my room. I have so much little things that mean a lot to me.. pictures, picture frames, little pots and plants, clocks, little boxes with jewelry or ink for my pens, little souvenirs or sweet gifts I once got from people for birthdays or just because. And okay, I have really lots of clothes. I never really realized that, because I'm still one of those girls thinking once or twice (or thrice) every week "omg aahhh I've got NOTHING to wear". (Well, to help you imagine how much clothes I appeared to have: 2 suitcases, 1 bag of about 50 by 50 cm, and I still have things lying in my clothes and hanging on my rack) (huhuhhu rack).

I sometimes wonder about if this would make me a material girl (teehee) since it's not about owning stuff, but mostly about the meaning, and about needing it in daily life.
Maybe I should just look up the meaning in the dictionary, see if it matches. But if I see the Madonna video I know I'm not like that. Omg thanks Madonna, you always help me through my trials.


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hehe, rack :P

    Toen ik verhuisde had ik eerst ook het idee dat het totaal niet opschoot (heel veel (strip)boeken en dvd's en zo), maar opeens ging het heel snel :)

  2. Hahah :p

    Nou dat is wel geruststellend. Dan ga ik er maar vanuit dat het goed komt ;) morgen gewoon lekker doorpakken met inpakken!