zaterdag, maart 24

If I were a lesbian

I would probably stalk her for the rest of my life.

It's weekend! Weehoo!
Which means: songwriting, practicing piano and doing absolutely nothing. Oh and, watching a harry potter movie, the second to last. Which I saw before, of course.

I also went to two 2nd hand stores with my dad. And bought a cute shirt, navy blue with little velours flowers on it. A mug with a deer as it's handle, and a deer on the mug, saying "melk is good for elk". Alsooo... oh yes, a book for my boyfriend, which I hope he'll like! He likes 2nd world war stuff, but my policy of "buy ALL the 2nd world war books!" is one of very little succes.
And I bought a little flower painting, and one of those childrens mini piano's
this one exactly! But then without the sticker and in blue. So, well, not exactly then. No.
I might use it for Tree Like Fun, which could be fun. Fun fun fun.

Oohhh and I'm going to visit my homeboy in Germany with Easter! (he's doing his internship over there in a hospital near Regensburg) I've been missing him for a little more than a month now. And though most of the time it's not as difficult as I imagined (I miss him, but I don't start and end my days crying and puffy-eyed, wanting to kill myself) I can hardly wait going there and smother him with my chapped-lip kisses.

Also, since I'm taking a 9 hour bus ride to get there, I'm already looking forward to some quality reading time! Better bring an extra book I guess. Sadly I didn't find any books at the second hand shops, but well I know which books I want so I'll just go visit a bookstore next week somewhere.

Mmmm already looking forward to Queensday! I loooooove the rummaging on the streets of Amsterdam. Last year I found so many great things.. books, clothing, jewelry.. and queensday always means spending a day with my lovely friends from there :)

Well, have a gummi-bear! I am :)

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