woensdag, augustus 1

All the wild horses

are still in bed

Wow, I did so much reading last week! First: 1984 by Orwell is really worth the read! Terrible terrible story but greatly done. It's about the future (well, in 1949 it was the future, but of course the year 1984 is hardly future anymore) in the land of Oceania (which is Britain, VS and Australia if I remembered it correctly). There's a dictatorship and everything is divided in 3 classes: the proles (proletarians), the middle class (doing dirty stuff for the party) and the higher class (they're in the inner party, and with party I'm talking about the rulers of the country). Oh, yeah, and then there is Big Brother, who is watching every single person through telescreens which are everywhere.

Since they already have such amazing power, the party is trying to keep it by controlling everything: they even control history, and they know what people 'think' for they have thought police which will snitch if possible. Anyway, just read it.

Then I read Enduring Love by Ian McEwan (same writer as Atonement). It's about a man, who's on a picknick with his girlfriend, and witnesses a balloon accident. He and some other men try to get the balloon safely to the ground, but then one of the other men dies. After that, the main character finds that one of the men has taken some kind of strange interest in him.. 
It's a thrilling story, with also some romance in it :) And a recommendation also.

At the moment I'm reading Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. After a few pages I found out it's about the same world/period of time as The Year of The Flood! But Oryx and Crake is the first part... nothing wrong 'cause it's not spoiling anything or anything. But still, if I'd known this beforehand I would've read it the other way around.
I still need to read about 200 pages or something I guess? And only now the main character is about to actually do something. This makes it sound bad maybe, but it isn't! The way it is written, I can hardly imagine I've already read more than the half of the book.. it's just great, and the things Atwood thought of.. brr I wouldn't want to be living in that world (or that time, since it's in the future) for no million dollars, or euros or pounds for that matter.

AAAAAwwwwkey! I'm off, there's a market as long as our town today, and I fucking have to work all day, so I'm going to watch for 30 minutes now, then head of to work, and between morning and afternoon shifts I'll rummage some more.
Ah well, I'm going to the IJhallen in Amsterdam this weekend! So that will hopefully be much better anyway.
I'm not an aunt yet :( my sister was due yesterday, but nothing happened! So now we wait!


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