woensdag, augustus 29

Having an epiphany

Quick, write a blog about it before it's too late. 

Don't worry, it's not about me having a baby, or about baby's, for that matter. This is about, tam tam tammmmmmmmmm body image. Well now.. here I go again. Bare with me please.

I seem to have this same feeling at the end of every holiday, or well, I had it last year. It comes, somewhat, down to this:

What the fuck is the whole fucking problem of not being as skinny as Alexa Chung? Why did I once come to the conclusion that a waist size more than 65 cm and hips more than 95 cm is fat? I know I'm not the first person saying/thinking this, it's not about everyone, this ones about me. 
The woman in the picture above, triggered this epiphany I guess. At first, I just saw her face,
she reminded me a bit of Kate Winslet. And I thought she was beautiful. And then I saw the pictures from above, and I thought: She's not really thin, at least not her legs and her butt really (okay, she just had a baby). And she's wearing those tights, and she seems like feeling comfortable.. and she actually looks really cool in them..
Fuck my brain, for thinking I couldn't wear those damn tights because I wouldn't be skinny enough. Fuck my fucking brain for messing with my eyes, making me see myself trough the most terrible laughing mirrors (the ones making you really short and fat) from time to time.

You don't have to be skinny to be beautiful. You don't even have to beautiful to be beautiful, you should just feel beautiful and smash everyones face in who tries to argue with you on the beautiful issue.

I'm going to shower, go to the city, and buy something I think I'm too fat to wear.


ps. If the beautiful woman on the pictures should be reading this (in case you see this because I linked you), I hope you don't take the things I said the wrong way, saying your butt isn't really thin. It's only my warped mind making a fuss about something that's absolutely ridiculous. You are beautiful, smash my face in.

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