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This blog is (or will be) about me getting an iphone, my joy (obsession) about that, how I annoy myself by being so happy I am getting an iphone, how you should never buy an htc cha cha, how I actually should be working on a song for my songwriting lesson at 6.

So, for a while now, I've been wanting to snare my sisters old iphone when she gets a new one. I actually think I might've been asking for it the day she got it. That kind of sister I am.
An iphone, I want one, because it's an apple product, it will be easier with my mac probably, and I like how apple stuff works. I like how it looks, the apps you have for it, how it is an ipod you could phone someone with, and a phone you could photograph someone with (rather nicely too!). With my previous phone I could take 8mp shots, even with a burst in the lens! The photo's actually just got cooler (yehessss!!!! the lomo effect.....) but with my current phone (which I bought because I dropped the previous and now it won't stay on) it's like -8 mp and the photo's look like that too. 
Anything else? Well, yeah, I'll just be honest: also, I think iphones are cool. 
Also, I highly dislike the way my current phone works.

The thing with me is, I see something I want or need or am getting; and I get this instant want-to-know-all. When I bought a macbook for the first time I searched the internet for like weeks, and then, when I bought it, I browsed for like months to get all kinds of cool programs and shortcuts and everything. The same with getting a tattoo, a cat, rats, a new stage piano.. I just get this frenzy, I want to know everything I should know. But this sometimes takes up time I don't have, and so I end up postponing stuff I should do, looking up stuff I want to know because I'm so super excited over it.

You should never buy an htc cha cha.

Well, here I am, writing about something connected to an iphone, and about me getting one, while I should be doing something I should be doing.

I'm going to drink something and..... make up my bed.


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