maandag, oktober 15

Not much

I haven't really got anything to blog about. We have projectweek. Marieke's boyfriend made planks for our Effie to climb and jump and sit on. I have the new hobby of playing rat tennis with Effbombs (we have a stuffed rat we throw up to her, and then she smacks them back to us). And I'm really in love. These are all nice things.

At the moment Marieke is laughing out loud, lying on the couch with her boy boy. They are so sweet and happy :)

It's weird how last week I was crying and doubting almost everything in my life, and how, after having an amazing weekend with Tom, and playing a show with Tini, I feel better now.
I'm still thinking, and doubting. But I guess it was just a terrible fit at the time.

I'm dreaming of a house in the dark, with trees and the moon. Warmth, cozy couches and chairs. Cats and a dog. Little windows with snow on them. A bed and curtains and icy winds outside. Candles and the smell of dinner and burning firewood. Creaking floors and talking. Music and a blanket.

I'm hungry.

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