donderdag, november 29

Hair & Tattoo post


To make up the balance, this post will be about hair and tattoo's, instead of love and fear and shit like that.

Well, it won't really be a long blog. 'Cause actually I should take a shower, practice piano and then go to school. But well.. yeah.. you know me.

I think I've just gotten to the point where I feel the extreme urge to change at least something about myself. And since I had a dream about cutting my hair last week, and I was SO relieved to wake up, I won't go do that. Duuuhhh.
So maybe bangs? Hm.. I've finally grown them out.. always takes such a boring long time.
Maybe dying it again? But I'm not sure if I want to keep it dark.. but to dye it blond will probably mean the end of my hair again.. maybe something half-permanent for a couple of weeks. Anything to hide that hideous "ombre" hair of mine (the cool thing is when your roots are dark, and the rest lighter. Well, yes, with me it's the other way around. And no, it's not cool).
And for the tattoo.. yeah.. well.. money, right? And I'm still not certain about what to do next. I have the anchor idea still of course, and an idea to put a text somewhere. BUT THERE ARE SOME MANY COOL IDEAS AND PLACES TO PUT A TATTOOOOOOOOOOO.

I'll just sit by the water and watch my hair grow.

oh wait..


ps. yes, I know, I'm SO FUNNNNYYYYYYYYY

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