woensdag, mei 15


It would be nice if summer would come early this year. Or at least, that spring comes the fuck here already! In full ornate if possible.

This is my first week back to school again. And looking back on how I was crying and panicking on monday (thank you Tom for being fabulous), it's going well! I only had one class on monday and tuesday, and today only 2, but still. Though it's mostly my songwriting lessons that make me feel like shit.. luckily monday it's Pinksteren, so no school, and no songwriting lesson.

Let's finish this stupid schoolyear and hopefully figure out what to do in the summer holiday.

Well, goodmorning netherlands is on the telly now, time for my daily exercise!


ps. just kidding. I'm just going to take a shower. Enough exercise if you ask me. ;-)

1 opmerking:

  1. Good to hear you're survivin' out there, which reminds me of the song survivor by destiny's child, which they probably wrote for you using FUTURE KNOWLEDGEEEE. Do you see!?