donderdag, februari 27

My very interesting life through instagram

I was planning on calling this blog "instamonth January" but since it's almost March I thought that maybe, that was a bit late. And it'll be a mix of January and Februari anyway.

* I had a coaching session, we played through all the songs for my EP and she had really good tips. It gave me a little boost of confidence (or maybe it made me just a bit less anxious and a bit calmer? But maybe those 3 things are kind of the same in some way). I had to travel via Amsterdam so on the way back I decided to check if one of my most favorite persons in the world had time. Rosa and I drank coffee and ate awesome cheesecake, we talked and we brainstormed about visual ideas for the videos for the EP! (Have I told about that?) It was really cool! AND THE WEATHER WAS SOOOOO NICE! Blue skies on the left, some clouds on the right (but like, the most beautiful clouds, as if the sky was a Dutch master's painting). I came home to Tom and we cuddled on the couch and he made dinner 'cause I was so tired. In the evening one of my other most favorite persons called; Tineke and I spoke on the phone for almost 2 hours and at one point I almost had to cry because I was laughing so hard.
Yesterday was such a nice day! Loved it!

* I reread Oryx and Crake and Year of the Flood. Can't wait to read the last book of the trilogy now: MaddAddam.. but I'm waiting for it to come in the same edition as my other books. Please come sooooon.

* Tom and I took my sister Charlotte to Blijdorp zoo for her birthday. I think we were able to see all animals, which was so cool! Normally some animals are inside, or outside but out of sight.. but not that day. I even had a face to face moment with a tiger. In the building on the picture (which was the best fucking place ever) there was a lyrebird.. you know? From the David Attenborough video? It was so crazy to actually hear it in real life. So surreal. 

* I watched HBO series Girls again. Right now I'm finally in the third season, which is the current season. Love it. And I'm in love with Jemima Kirke. She is the most beautiful woman everrrrr.

* Tom and I celebrated our 1,5 year anniversary and he bought me these beautiful tulips!

* A deer and a fox. Coffee. Mmmmmmmmm coffee.

* One of my mugs. After I washed it the paint came off, I've been crying ever since.

* A little baby was born! Little Sven. Super cute. Got me into drawing.

* I got this cactus from Sinterklaas 2 years ago. I put it into this nice mug I had. The plant always reminds me of Mickey Mouse.

* I decided I should pay more attention to eating healthy. So I drank some green smoothies this week. I used 1 banana, about 5 to 10 frozen strawberries, a big handful of spinach, some grated (dried) coconut, a little teaspoon spirulina (grosssssss), some cinnamon, some oats and some water to blend it all together. YUMMMMMM.

* We saw this book at Dille&Kamille. It was so beautiful. Need to buy this for future spawn.

* Jennifer sent me a picture of a little letter I once wrote.. I must've been a little bitch from time to time. "Hi Jennifer, I have to say one more thing, when I call you a pig it doesn't really matter because I like pigs!!!!!" mmmmmkay past-me! Subtle.

* A soy milk happicuppa (happicuppa is from the Margaret Atwood trilogy) (they are like starbucks, but then (more?) evil)

* Lovely shadows in the morning. The light's been so pretty.

* This was so good. I love pita bread with vegetables and humus. It's so easy and you get a lot of veggies in yo tummy. Of course, supposedly, bread is bad. But ah well.

Okay I'm going to get dressed now.
Have a nice day!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. mmm ziet er heerijk uit! Al reageer ik nu vooral op de laatste foto…

    Leuke blog! Klinkt allemaal heel fijn!

    Wat is een happicuppa ook al weer ? luidt vaag een belletje…

  2. Haha! Was ook erg lekker! Ik weet eigenlijk niet of een pitabroodje veganistisch is maar anders raad ik het je zeker aan :)
    Oh ik dacht zelf dat zo het bedrijf gewoon heette, en dat de kopjes koffie daar ook happicuppa heten. Maar op internet vond ik dit: the Happicuppa coffee bush was designed so that all of its beans could ripen simultaneously, and coffee could be grown on huge plantations and harvested with machines. This threw the small growers out of business and reduced both them and their labourers to starvation-level poverty.

    Dat was het kwaadaardige gedeelte van/aan ze ;-)