maandag, februari 24

St. Vincent

A bit more than a week ago Tom and I went to see St. Vincent in Paradiso. Support was Glass Animals.

I always love going to paradiso, not because it's in Amsterdam, definitely not because it's always so darn hot (really, when I went to see Regina Spektor for the 2nd time, two people fainted) (of course I'm not sure this was because of the heat, but it really was pretty darn hot). I love going there because it's so beautiful! The big stage I mean of course. The old church elements like the glass and the balcony's.. the little lightbulbs and the high ceiling. It just has an amazing atmosphere. 

We bought the tickets a while back, mostly because Tom is in love with Annie Clark, and also because I thought her music was nice and I didn't want her going off stage and standing too close to my man again. (just kidding of course, but she really did come off the stage and started playing guitar while leaning against Tom). ;-)

Support was nice, or well, the music was. Their stage present could've been a bit more.. present. There wasn't really any at all. Except for the singer. But since they were standing in an "we're all equals" position (aka all 4 of them at the front of the stage, next to each other), I was kind of expecting all of them to do something interesting.. or at least looking like they were enjoying the music and giving maybe the tiniest bit of show. But hey, the music was nice.

Then St. Vincent came on stage and it was kind of FUCKING COOL from the start. Annie Clark did some wei-heird choreographies which she kept on doing during the show (in between songs, but also during). And omg, I didn't know she was the one playing guitar on her albums.. she was a fucking guitar-rock-god. So cool.

The show was really cool, with the dances and weird talks in between the songs (I don't really remember anything specific she said, but it was things like "when you were young,did you imagine you could fly? You were so disappointed when it didn't work and blablabla...). The songs are just really cool. The setlist was nice. New songs were cool (her new album, St. Vincent (self titled) just came out). She was a bit below or above the notes from time to time, but nothing really nasty. And I mean, this happens to the best of us. (except for Beyonce, of course)

All in all; it was FUCKING COOL and I get now why Tom's in love with her, heck, even I am in love with her now. I would love to see her again. And at the moment, if I'm listening to music, it's St. Vincent blasting through my laptop speakers (not really blasting then).


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