donderdag, december 31


Seriously! How cool is this (-: Rosa (click on her name! She's made a new bloooog) had an assignment to make a magazine with a classmate. And she decided to make pictures that go with my songs! Which is an honour, and which is cool. I really like the images she had with the songs, I even agreed with them ;p (Like, I'd pictured them the same way.. anyway).

She's got lots of other pictures too, I know I've said that like a thousand of times before (okay.. 2 or 3 times?)..
She used to have a blog but then she stopped and now she's got a new one, whoopee :D so so so, check her out, and her flickr. Haha am I annoying yet? (If no, will be, def.)

Ponyo ponyo ponyo lalalalala xoxo,

ps. I might be recording a new video today.. to end the year properly. But my sister's here and so I might not be able to because she's in the room then ;-) anyway. I'll edit this post and shove the video in it if/when I do upload one today.

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