woensdag, december 30

There's nothing else I can say, eh eh

Cherry cherry boom boom.

Oh nostalgia, where are thy?


It's almost 2010.. and though I don't really have anything with years and decennia and new year.. I do get a little bit.. I don't know.. something and a something.

I mean, it's a year.. and then I'll be like: So.. what's happened? What did and what didn't I like? Things've happened.. ahm.. Michael Jackson died, swineflu, I played at (fucking) Lowlands, my sites got hacked.
Some things were bigger than other things -obviously- but well.. it's been a year and things've happened. Hehe.

Weird right? I get a bit weird.
Anyway.. like the title said, there's nothing else I can say.. eheehhh eeheehh..

Why the hell is it Cherry cherry boom boom anyway? Anyway,

Something happened to photobooth.
I want to wish you a happy new yeaaarrrr already and ahm.. well have fun, don't blow your nose with your fireworks.
xoxoxoxxxxxoxooooooooo (xoxo-crazypsychomove)

1 opmerking:

  1. liefje, ik ga het praten echt aan jou laten... haha :P

    It's on air!!! Maar ik heb de titel imagine gedaan. Want dat is zeg maar, fantasie en image... hehe klinkt zooo slim:P

    xxxxx tot morgen!!