zondag, december 27

Home is where my bed is.

Golly I had a busy week.

Went to Amsterdam (by bus and train while there was snooow but we didn't have any delays hoorays) with Rosa, to make pictures for her school. Pictures to my song King Louis! It was fun :-) It's always fun. And we made a heart in the snow with our feet, old romantic ladies we are. And I wrote 'Hoi', which means 'Hi'. In the snow also. With my feet. I messed it up because I didn't want to mess it up and then I kind of jumped into the hoi. Anyway. Wasn't really the most spectacular thing of the trip.
When/if she puts the photo's online I'll give you a waaaarningsign. Mmkay.

Ehrr.. we went shopping, I bought me a fake fur coat. Haha. Nice. I feel the bomb.
Ahmm.. went out for lunch.. drank starbucks coffee.. felt cold because she had no heating. We went for dinner at Sarahs house, who said some evil things ;p and we made our own Twilight movie with photobooth (I swear to christmas I will try to put it online) weeee... went for drinks and got drink from guys who said some weird stuff which wasn't really nice, but he spillt beer over his crotch so that made me happy after all. Had serious conversations about things. And slept until noon (we didn't but I just like that sentence). Oh, and Sarah had a not so sileny admirerer who thought she even waved at him.

Then I went home. And then went to Rosa's home a few homes away. We made the best pie EVERRRRR. (Imagine: crispy chocolate bottom, peanut caramel layer, dark chocolate/whipped cream on top mwuah, perfecto) We watched Harry Potter (I watched Snape). Tried to see Ponyo but didn't, but sang the song an awful lot of times. Threw snow at each other. Tonnetjerond we were.

Made christmas dinner with papaa. (I love it when in movies, they say papaa with that posh kind of english accent) Finished a book (Submarine) started reading another one (The Horse Wisperer) (yah). Went home.

So, that's what I 've done, that's the reason why I wasn't here, writing/wishing you a merry christmas, putting another video online.
What've you been doing? Gained 10 kilo's also? Partying? Singing Ponyo? Singing Last Christmas?

WHAM! Goodbye(Lenin) x.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. OMG die taart! Die was echt per-fect. Tonnetje rond asjemenou...
    Ik vond ons sneeuballengevecht wel een toppunt. Een van de vele :)
    Hoe laat zal ik morgen komen? (morgen toch?) En zal ik dan maar Ponyo meenemen? :D

    Lach me dood hier. hehe.
    Was het leuk gister??? Ik ga zo naar mn grannie en gramps!


  2. Hee bebe! Ga je blog eens beginnen! Ik wil reclame voor je maken :P

    Jaa haha dat was geniaal! Oh en ik ben wel vergeten te melden dat we op t ijs hebben gestaan..
    Ohja dat hadden we afgesproken, ik was t al vergeten, ben ook zo'n doos :P jaa ponyooo! ponyo ponyo ponyolalalalalaaaaa.

    Ja het was leuk hjer, veel plezier bij je grannie n gramps :p