donderdag, december 17


It's been snowing, and it's snowing! So I am happy.

Here's a snowhonouringsong:

Oh snow
I love you so
Why don't you stay
the whole day

Oh snow
I love you so
Why aren't you stronger,
than the sun? So that you can stay longer?

Oh snow
I love you so
I will help you fight
the hot hot sun light

Oh snow
I love you so
I will make you stay here
all freaking year

Haha I'm having a lame mood. If that's even a sentence. I just ate mozzarella. That's white like snow too.
But snow's better. And it's just water. So you could eat that all day long.
I'm going for a walk now.

''Staring at your boobs. and the words float out like holograms. Feel the walz, feel the walz, come on baby baby now, feel the walz."

Oh Regina, I will. (How toepasselijk, Regina Spektor - 20 years of snow was playing while I was writing this blog, and it was on shuffle, i had not a thing to do with it) (tit!) (Rhyming mood also)
(I told you I had a lame mood, lame day, lame lame :D it's okay, there's snow) (yay) (yay snow!)

Shit. Have a nice day. xoxo

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha, ik moest echt lachen met je blog ;)
    'how toepasselijk'
    hier heeft het ook de hele dag gesneeuwd! en nu ligt er een pak van 10cm ofzo ;D

  2. Haha ja ik wist het woord even niet, maar ik was ook een beetje te lui om het op te zoeken :P Sneeuw is zo fijn :D hopelijk komt er nog meer!