vrijdag, december 18

Sure, of course, why not.

Today, really, of all days.

I'm looking crappy, puffy-eyes, sleepy, runny nose (if that was too much information already, I am deeple sorry) and today, they have to have some kind of Christmas market festival small thingy in our street.

It makes me want to scream' why god'. But I am overreacting. And I know that. I need to bitch about it. Just for a few sentences.

I am done now.

Haha, let's do some more movie stills. Because, have you seen Pan's Labyrinth?

- yes? ---> good boy/girl
- no? ----> oh puhleaaase.

It's such a good story. It's historical (Spanish civil war) and it's magical (woo magicallll). It's really one of my favorite movies. Also because it's Spanish. I think it's a nice language, and I learnt it a bit in school, so I can understand what they're saying sometimes without reading the subs. Oh, and it's one of my favorites because it has the scariest monster ever appeared in a movie. That thing really gives me goosebumps.

What's the story morning glory?
xoxo Fleur

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