vrijdag, januari 15

Dance project

These are stills from the recordings of 'Blindzien', the dance 'show' I was a part of. The part was choreographed by Piet Rogie who's just amazing and real fun to 'work' with. It was filmed and edited by Huub Laurens.
Anna Boers, Jac Carlsson, Martijn Kappers, Robin Laurens, Merel Roozen, Hedda May Schueler and Suet-Wan Tsang. René Hazekamp made videoimages of the week we worked on the performance.

Like I might've said before, on my previous blog, this was such an amazing experience. I loved working with all those great people and doing something else, not only by myself.

Oh and I forgot to say anything about Noorderslag hehe, it was nice :-) and a nice ambience haha, nice to walk around.
They recorded lot of things (also my performance) : check it out.

Byedebye! xoxo

Oh ps. yes, that is raw meat. and yes, I am a vegetarian.

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