vrijdag, januari 15

It's a beautiful day

the sun isn't shining yet, but darn me, it will.

I am trying hard not to let the pffff-sigh-pfff-sigh-mood I was in yesterday persue. Eh.. weird sentence. Tever.

Lots of people died again. They're all sleeping on a hill because they don't want to go back to their houses.
And I am complaining about..? What the fuck am I complaining about?

Is this nerves? Because of Noorderslag tomorrow? Or am I angry because I haven't even once yet practiced for my performance arts school audition? Damn, I don't even know the stupid song yet. Do I not want it?

Yeeeessss. I do. I don't know where this restlessness comes from. It's here sometimes, it'll go away again, like the tide, like the waves.

I feel like poetic language use. I hate that stupid audition. and I hate the stupid song I picked.

Okay, enough of the self-pitying complains. I am going to practice my vocalthings now. And I say to myself:



3 opmerkingen:

  1. succes met Noorderslag, misschien is zelf therapie iets voor jou...

  2. That's the spirit.

    even kalibreren... x

  3. Whoops geen zelf therapie, ik bedoelde zelfhypnose, is heel erg leuk.
    Tenminste, dat vindt ik.
    Even relaxen, in een wereld zoals die die je beschrijft in het liedje Abstract Decartism.

    maarja hypnose is heel breed, niet slechts voor relaxatie.

    alles wat ik weet heb ik van deze site:

    Good night