donderdag, februari 25

Between two lungs

Ohhh monday I went to Amsterdam to see Florence + The Machine, and they were amazing. So much energy and even better than they were at Lowlands (I thought). I went with Rosa, and we were on the balcony because we've been carrying things all day because she's moving. (To one of the most beautiful Amsterdam houses I've ever been in, she's so lucky :D and omg she's getting a Persian kitten tomorrooow :D check her blog for pictures )

Anyway, I was kind of snotty and sick last week right? And then I got better, and then Tuesday I had a bit of a cold and now it's a huge chunk of a freaking cold. SO annoying. I've got a headache, and a sore throat and my nose is runny and I'm dizzy and I'm coughing and sniffing all the time. Fuck that. yeah! hell yeah!

Ode to this, it made me laugh:

Now gimme my aspirins!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. whahaha, prachtig!


  2. Nog steeds?!? Neeeee!! Maar dan kun je nog wel skypen hehe :p

    Whahahah wauw. Genieus.


    Ban the snottie!!!