donderdag, februari 18


It's SOO much better than because DAAANG that site is slow!

I've known the program for a while, because my sister had in on her computer, and I saw it once. But I kind of forgot about it until yesterday. And then I went looking for it and installed it, but it I didn't get it to work on safari, but I was kiinnnd of getting tired of safari anyway. So decided to finally go and use Firefox (I installed Opera first, I always used that when I was still on my pc, but it wasn't as nice as it used to be, hence the firefox) (Oh I know. I'm kind of a computer geek.) Anyway.. It's working perfectly with Firefox. And it's just such a cool and fast way of looking at lots of pretty pictures. And we aaalll know I love pretty pictures. (laaaame yesssss wooo ahhh)

a screenshot of cooliris in firefox haha :p I feel so lame.

Well ANYWAY! If you can spend hours on the internet scrolling through blogs/flickr/pages, just go check out the site, I bet you'll like it! Oh, and it's IE compatible too (and it should be compatible with Safari also, but like I said, I just didn't put any effort in it when it didn't work right away). CLICKFORCOOLIRIS.

Oh by the way, I made an account.. I can't remember if that was necessary though.. and you need to install something :-)
Roos, I know for sure you'll like it :D

I'm planning on uploading a new video today. And since now two people asked for Abstract Descartism I will try if I still know how to play that one, and if I do, I will record that one.. hehe ^^'

Okay BYE! xoxo

oh omg and today, I 'work' at a elementary school during lunch 2 times a week, for kids who can't eat at home because their parents are working and stuff. And today, one of the kids had a freaking ZEBRA sweater! One I just can't describe and I didn't take a picture but it was SOOOO cool, I wanted to rip it off of her body and put it on myself. But I remained calm and non-pedo.
ROGER! over annnnd out.

oh and another ps. ik was abstract decartism op je youtube aan het luisteren om uit te vogelen wat ik ookal weer moest spelen Tjeerd :-p

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk, ik ben benieuwd.

    ps. je t'aime zebra's ;)

  2. Hij is nu aan het uploaden (-: jaaa ik ook, en deze zebra trui was gewoon nog beter dan een echte zebra :-p