zondag, februari 14


Ohhh the H&M spring catalog is in.. it always makes me so greedy! And talkative! I mean, I was alone in the room, conversing with the clothes and the people on the pages. I know.......

And it's not even spring yet, that's logical, but, well. It's snowing outside right now. And I'm sitting inside, with a big scarf around my throat, and around my head (my hair was annoying and I couldn't get myself to stand up and find some bobby pins..) and my nose is running, and my eyes are teary and small, and I'm very tired and coughing all the time.. oh yeah, it SO not spring yet.

First there's my birthday anyway. I always disliked the fact my birthday was just before spring.. I wanted to be a spring person, not a freaking winter person. But well.. when the winters are like these I think it's o.k. to be a winter person. Though I don't see myself as white, cold and snotty. More are flowery, fresh colored and sometimes snowy. But maybe that's just arrogant.

Anyway. yadayadayada! baaaalgklg. I would looooove a really long hippy dress for this summer.. for the festivals! I can see myself strolling around in them.. with big sunglasses on, red lipstick.. yeah, I can see that :p and I want sandals.. no heels, maybe kind of ugly/granny-ish with flowers.. and a bathing suit!! I've been wanting one for 2 years now.. but I never found one I liked and was brave enough to actually wear it. A bathing suit and/or men shorts though.. but I can't imagine those shorts to be nice when I come out of the water and they're sticking to my legs.. just like Amelie's dad. Tu sais. ouiouiouiouioui!

Why am I writing a blog about clothes.. hm.. oh, and, happy valentines day. I don't really believe in it, well.. don't believe.. that sounds really depressing and pessimistic.. It's not like that, I don't mean it like that. It just doesn't mean anything to me. But I get why it does to Hallmark.

Let's throw in some pictures.. yeah.. :D

ohhh mmm chocolate! O.k. when I see this kind of hair, even though it's fake, I can't wait for it to be long.. but that's only with this image :-) yay.
The one with the lynx and the woman is one of my favorite pictures ever.. I don't know why.

Okaayyy well enough of this :D goodbyexxx

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Fijne valentijnsdag Fleur, ow en ik vind die foto van mccartney te gek ; )

    ps. je hebt gelijk, je bent meer een lente-persoon

  2. Ohjee wat traag, nouja, jij ook nog ;) leuke dag gehad?

    Haha ja hij is vet hè!

  3. jawel, het was wel nogal stil.
    iedereen vindt het bullshit, jammer.
    zo verloochenen we wel een beetje onze westerse cultuur.
    als het aan mij lag moeten we
    lupercalia(valentijn) en nationale "doe aardig" dag op één dag vieren.

    mccartney for evaw!; )