dinsdag, februari 9

Meet Ola Bell

I like the pictures she makes. It has something dreamy, and even something kind of.. amateurish? But I can't really say why I think that.
Anyway COME ON CATS! :D Her flickr

I've been playing more guitar/bariton ukulele lately. Not with a certain purpose. Just playing :-) maybe there's a song coming up with one of them.. but well not yet anyway. Haha you should see my "bariton ukulele" it's like.. a normal guitar, with 4 nylon string. And I pitched it in (is that the right way to say it? I don't know where my Dictionary is.. probably more then 3 meters away) oh wait tuuuned, of course. TUNED! I tuned it in Cmajor. Which makes it really easy to play haha. Hooray for easy.
isn't that a cool idea?


Ohh ps. yesterday I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox (by Wes Anderson) it wasn't fantastic, but it sure was really cool. I'll make and post some stills.

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