vrijdag, maart 19


I was in the train Tuesday, going to a music academy in Enschede. And I was reading the metro, a free public transport paper, and I read an article about a baby, that was found in a city in Holland. The mayor named him Daniël. It inspired me to write a song.

A boy was found
I named him Daniël
- and he will be loved

I wrote a letter
to explain
- one day you will know

We all love you
except for her
- who will will not name

A boy was found
I named him Daniël
- and I will be loved

I still want to read the bible about Daniël though.. who was he again? Might give me some more to write about. Though I really did choose the song to be this short.


2 opmerkingen:

  1. daniël, euhh...

    een profeet, en hij werd in een leeuwenkuil gegooid.
    toen stuurde god een engel.

    nutteloze talenten... zoals algemene kennis ;)

  2. Ohhhja, inderdaad, nu je het zegt :-) maar moet 't sowieso nog maar eens lezen :P